World’s first Copyright-Enabled NFT marketplace.

Since electronic assets acquire traction from both an industry and consumer standpoint, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to distinguish between what’s necessary and what’s not. This sense of urgency is heightened as people continue to suffer the effects of the pandemic’s economic swings and consequences. The public’s financial systems have been exposed, and this continues to be a fundamental element in the unprecedented interest in digital assets.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a sort of digital asset that, in my opinion, has become intriguing and vital due to their inherent potential to generate ownership and value. Anything that can be converted to digital form or represented digitally has the potential to be an NFT, which means the amount of value that may be created is enormous. More recently, I developed my knowledge and experience by seeding and advising various cryptocurrency funds.

Last but not least. HUPLIFE has launched the world’s first NFT marketplace, allowing Socially Conscious Artists to mint and sell Copyright-Enabled NFTs (#ceNFTs).

June 15th, $HUP will launch its Token on PancakeSwap.

HUP.LIFE is an ideal platform built on decentralization, openness, honesty, and legality based on international copyright and securities regulations. Using the peculiarities of NFT, the project proposes a one-of-a-kind methodology for ensuring voting and socially important community government.

The Platform That Changes Everything.

HUP.MARKET :The World’s First Platform for Selling, Licensing, and Fully Monetizing Socially Conscious Visual Artists and Collectors’ Art as Copyright-Enabled NFTs (ceNFTs). Through the implementation of a framework that complies with international copyright and securities laws. 5% of all sales and licensing deals are donated to an artist-chosen charity. Plus, 5% of Collectors’ Sales & Licensing is returned to the artist.
Lending your work to: — Art Galleries Live Broadcasts Metaverse PartiesAdvertisers….and more

Permanent • Decentralized • Internationally Enforceable


  • $HUP is developing an NFT Marketplace that will allow visual artists and collectors to verify their work, track down copycats on the internet, and sell or license the copyright with their NFTs — all in one end-to-end solution that complies with international copyright and securities legislation.
  • $HUP is a decentralized, resilient file hosting protocol that solves the NFT Permanence Problem and hosts metadata and image/video files.
    In every transaction,
  • $HUP automatically rewards holders, burns tokens, and pledges a charitable donation.
  • The anti-dumping mechanism in $HUP enhances social growth and stability.
  • Through a 1 Wallet, 1 Vote Community Governance Framework, $HUP holders can help shape the project’s future.

If you’re a visual artist, here are five reasons why you should mint a ceNFT rather than an NFT.

  • Artists are paid a percentage of future resales and licensing arrangements made by later buyers.
  • CeNFTs convey the entire copyright package to buyers (which may be traced using the ‘Ghost NFT’).
  • To assess authenticity and originality, ceNFT art goes through two stages of validation: a sophisticated picture recognition engine and a consensus procedure in which users may present proof of infringement.
  • That metadata file is stored on a decentralized, immutable cloud file system provided by blockchain technology, with tens of nodes simultaneously pinning the file, assuring NFT permanence and boosting redundancy. As a safety net, the picture file illustrating the work of art is also submitted to Arweave.
  • If artists want to keep their copyright, they may sell the ceNFT without surrendering the Ghost NFT, and then license it to third parties using our licensing module, which is based on Ricardian contract design principles.

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